Daniel and Alanna

Daniel the groom
The Groomsmen

Their Story

How the Two Lovebirds Met

Daniel and Alanna met on June 26, 2010 at a party thrown by Daniel's brother, Andrew. Sitting across from her at a table full of mutual friends, Daniel struck up a conversation with Alanna and the two hit it off immediately (i.e. they annoyed everyone else at the party by being completely absorbed in conversation with one another). As the party began winding down, Daniel pulled the "I never do this, but…" line and asked Alanna for her number. She laughed (naturally), called him out (to which he responded, "I don't! I swear!"), and put her number in his phone. They planned for Alanna to go to a party at Daniel's parents' house for the Fourth of July, but when Daniel texted Alanna the next day, they decided they didn't want to wait to see each other again. They set a date for two days later and have been inseparable ever since.

On March 3, 2012, before the couple set off for an early morning flight to vacation in NYC, Daniel got down on one knee in the airport atrium surrounded by 15 of their closest friends and asked Alanna to marry him. Clearly, she said "yes!"

Alanna the bride
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The Big Day

Semi-Formal Attire Suggested

The Big Day

Where, What, When, Etc

Roswell United Methodist Church
20 Minute Drive
The Brickyard


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